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My Story with Zenobia

Pleasantly surprised.

For anyone who doesn’t feel like reading here is the breakdown. Full stars. Fast delivery. Product looks as advertised, close to professional photo, better than factory photo. They gave me an extra set of lingerie, I think by accident as one set fit and I had to modify the other set. You get more than you pay for in this dolls torso quality.

I fumbled and dropped the box so her legs were bent but easily straightened with no damage. Just pay attention to the arrows, she is too heavy for her own legs.

Anyone curious read further.

I’ve done my research before purchase. Heard all the warnings and like most men ignored them. I’m just an average joe who needs something affordable to take the edge off that won’t break my back( 70 pounds dead weight) or my wallet (2 grand can buy a cheap car).

I had 3 requirements for my doll. Lightweight. Affordable. Not creepy. The last one is a personal opinion but for me that means not being of weird proportions or childlike. I can pretend I’m Goliath pillaging a lady but I ain’t no preacher. Finding a the best mini doll torso (anything under 30lb) is soooo difficult. The forums and faqs just don’t offer opinions on sex torso vendors so I had to go gamble. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the dolls available on such sites nobody talks about them. I could care less about any and I mean any of the politics mentioned in the forums. As long as you don’t hurt others, you do you, as long as you keep it private. If that means going to town on a rainbow bright doll more power to you. The weirdest I might go is a blue genie sex doll. Just the idea of sex any time I wish is pleasing.

After alot and I mean ALOT of web surfing I found this site and am thankfully a very happy customer. So allow me to talk a bit about the site and then my doll.

  • Customer service actually responds to messages so feel free to ask them stuff.
  • The prices are extremely reasonable.
  • This site owns two web addresses so don’t be put off by that, the other is Lovedolltorso. They are not ripping each other off, same owner. I’ll put this review on both sites.
  • My doll matches the proportions and look promised by the description and factory photo.
  • Payment was secure and I’ve had no issues.
  • I received a tracking code fairly quickly. Less than a day.

My doll. Zenobia. Is well made in my opinion.

I’ll be honest I’m in my 40’s. I’ve banged a blowup doll. The old creepy one from the late 90’s, all squeaky, gross plastic face with the gaping mouth. So not knowing what a 2grand doll is like maybe this doesn’t measure up. In my opinion though this thing is better than I imagined and for the price more than I deserve. Respect to the makers. Wonder product!!!

Regardless I just needed something to wring the poison from my snake, since my ladies libido doesn’t match mine.

As I’m hetero and never played with bar b dolls except to check what was downstairs lol. So smooth.

If you can, you can dress her in sexy clothes. I almost gave up and asked my lady but she feels bad I gotta bone a doll so I wasn’t gonna bother her.

The breast vaginal, and anal was really well made not a single flaw.

The skeleton seems sturdy and skin soft and squeezable.

There were some minor surface flaws on the body but you get construction marks in most anything and these are easily overlooked.

The only hard part is finding clothes for a doll this size so unless an outfit is something you absolutely need to have this doll is perfect.

In closing I’m satisfied and will most likely purchase again, either when I can afford something taller or I wear this one out. Here is me hoping you have as good of an experience with this company as I did. Skeet skeet.

She lives in my bed every day so that I can enjoy passionate moments with her at any time at night.

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