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Before we decide to buy a sex doll torso online, one of the most difficult decisions for all of us is which store to choose. However, among all the factors when choosing to buy a sex doll, material and type also play an important role. That’s why it’s important to read product reviews before buying. In this article, we have collected some tests and reviews of torso masturbators from influencers.

How We Tested Sex Torso

The Sextorso team is dedicated to providing sex lovers like you with the information they need to make informed sex decisions! Whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned pro, this article can give you the information you need to know! Check out our most realistic Sex Doll Torso Tester to quickly and accurately evaluate whether a product is worth your hard-earned money!

My test torso ticked all the boxes, creating a realistic and sexy sex doll that offers great support at an affordable price!

Tester Reviews of Best Sex Doll Torso

Test Winner: Zenobia Female Sex Torso

  • She is made of medical TPE material, soft to the touch and feels almost like the real thing.
  • Built-in high-quality metal frame allows her to pose in any pose like a real woman.
  • 3 in 1, sex doll torso features soft liquid breasts, realistic vagina and anus for your ultimate sexual pleasure!

Tester verdict:

Thank You @SexTorsoStudio for my new toy! I Love It 🥰😍😈 Go Follow them to get yours next ! 💯💪🏽 (FREE)

BIIITCHH‼️😍 when I say I’m in Loooooove With my new Toy Frm

Lemme tell yall this is one of the most Interesting and incredible toys I’ve Ever had – Literally 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏅- they ate this Uppp 💯 STAY tuned to my new upcoming content with This 💦💦💦
Go get you one now- Visit
👉🏿 👈🏿


Biggest/best/ Soft breast torso doll in its price range

I’ve had it for a few months now and it was so worth it! I’ve had Fleshlight-type toys and cheap butt toys where the bottom is flat. This is pretty much the cost of two of those, and so much better in every way. The largest doll in its category that I’ve found in this price range (I’ve looked at a bunch of other sites). The inside feels pretty close to real, especially when you’re hard. For me, the pussy is amazing! Be aware the tits are pretty firm, but after looking and looking, this is to be expected — gel-filled breasts are high-end and you’ll pay a premium for it. Still fun to squeeze and they are fuckable! If you put a shirt on it and squeeze the tits you can still feel the nipples, and it feels like you’re squeezing a nice young perky pair 🙂 I saw someone say they couldn’t get the legs to move forward, only outward- you have to move them forward first while they are closed. Lots of fun, tons of positions with the posable legs, and it feels great!

Test Winner: Ervin Male Sex Torso

  • Unique muscle design, absolutely different from ordinary torso.
  • Flexible and bendable 8-inch penis, 5.9-inch anal depth (for sex), giving you enough satisfaction!
  • Flat bottom, no need to worry about moving when riding sex.

Tester verdict:

I had the chance to review this sex toy from @ChloeJo01058371 and I fell in love with it 😍 make sure you guys go and support. You’re gonna love how realistic it feels!

How to choose the best sex doll torso online?

When you are planning to purchase a sex doll toy, you need to think twice before purchasing.

– Are you going to use her only for sex?
– What is most important to you, touch or appearance?
– Would you like to take a hot bath with your doll?
– How much are you willing to spend?
– What’s the fare? Are you willing to spend time with your doll doing maintenance?
– Do you want to dress her in nice clothes?

We’ve researched the world of sex doll torsos that love sex to bring you the best torso dolls for all types of men and women to play with. Whether it’s a full size female sex torso, a torso with dildo, or a big ass sex masturbator you’ll find a great selection of what you’re looking for here.

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