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How to Buy a Best Sex Doll Torso?

Have you done some unspeakable things in your life? For example, you used to stimulate your genitals in various ways in order to achieve a certain orgasm. In fact, that’s a normal thing. Because people want to have the best sex life. Whatever it was, you are lucky now. The best sex doll torso is a great and amazing sex toy. Now, you just need to know a few things and buy the best one.

  • Budget is important. Of course, this is where it all started. Because buying a love doll torso can cost a lot. Even at Sextorso, you can find one very cheap. But that also costs $100+. Therefore, before you start, you need to be clear about your budget. How much are you going to invest in a love sex torso?
  • Height affects a lot. The best torso sex doll has the best height. Because height affects a lot of things. If it is too high, you have to find the best storage space. And being too high means you’re spending more. In this collection, you can find a 20.86inch sex torso for $359.
  • Weight is about the sexual experience. If the sex torso is too light, it may slip away when you insert it. When thinking about torso weight, you should pay attention to your weight. The general recommended torso weight is 1/5 of your body weight. If you are 200 pounds, the ideal torso weight is 30 pounds. This is just a suggestion. Mainly based on your personal preference, if you like doggy style sex, then booty sex toys are always the best.
  • Internal tunnels are critical. When enjoying the pleasure of sex, the most important thing in best love doll torso is the channel. Of course, this should be for female torso. The design of the two internal channels of the vagina and anus should be delicate. The inside is full of texture and folds is the best state. Fortunately, at Sextorso, every inner tunnel is realistic. Because we have professional human anatomists.
  • Lifelike genitals. Both male and female sex torso should have lifelike genitals. Pussy and anus hole are the biggest features of female torso. The design of the vulva and anal holes must be realistic. And dildo with torso must have 100% real and big penis. This is the best sex torso.
  • Healthy material. This is the most important. High-end sex doll torsos are made of high-grade materials. In Sextorso, there are mainly TPE and silicone and other materials. Both materials of love doll torso are hypoallergenic safe materials. Not only is it real to the touch, but it is also body friendly.

Anyway, if you want to buy the best sex doll torso, then you should choose a professional sex torso supply website. Only professional supply can guarantee strict quality. Sextorso is such a professional supplier. Only supply high-end genuine sex doll torso.


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