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Learn About Male Masturbators

Male masturbators are the most popular male sex toys. Every man should have the best male masturbators in his bed. If you already have a sex toy like this by your bed, you’re wise. This is an all-in-one sex tool that makes the penis comfortable and powerful.

Male masturbators are sex toys that give sexual pleasure to the penis. You can enjoy oral sex, penetration, masturbation and other sexual pleasures from male dominance. These masturbators are divided into “automatic and manual” categories. Regardless, you should have a male masturbator on your nightstand. Learn more about the buying guide today.


Customer Questions & Answers About Male Masturbators

Years ago, when I first heard about male masturbators, the first thought in my mind was “what the heck is a male masturbator?” Back then, like many other single penis owners, our hands were us male masturbators, but with the openness of society and the development of technology, sex toys have become more and more widespread. Male masturbators are sex toys specially made and used by men to help men meet orgasm. They come in different materials, designs, sizes and functions, and in general there are two types of male masturbators, vibrating and non-vibrating.

Best male masturbators is one of the degree to which men get orgasm pleasure, a best male masturbator will make sex more real.

Masturbation by men (and even women) is also known as “gratifying one’s own desires”.

The main purpose of masturbation is sexual pleasure – a mental and physical orgasm during arousal.

…these are what we crave after all.

In general, male masturbators are male sex toys. It’s a sex machine that makes the penis comfortable. This kind of sex toys generally includes two kinds of hands-free automatic masturbators and manual versions. And it can give the penis many sensations: oral sex, masturbation, etc.

Overall, this is a cheaper male masturbator than a large masturbator, but with more features. These men’s masturbators are very easy to carry. You can have great sex when you travel.

The use of male masturbators can provide men with ultra-comfortable pleasure. And help men who have hand mobility impairments or who want sex without a partner.

Many male masturbators are waterproof and cause no harm to the skin. Some are even rechargeable, so they can continuously stimulate their own penis.

Using a male masturbator is hassle-free. It even increases the joy of our sex life.
Male masturbator is safe. It will not give you STDs like HIV, syphilis or gonorrhea.
Male masturbators can improve sexual relationships. Male masturbators can help when your partner can’t satisfy your sex life. It also helps couples open up to each other and show each other their most lustful side.
A male masturbator can help with premature ejaculation by helping men increase their time and increase their pleasure by exercising over a long period of time.
Male masturbators can increase self-awareness and sexual satisfaction. People who masturbate regularly have better sexual health because they have been exercising their bodies and sexuality. And you will find out your problems in sex in time. They will know better how to seek help and how to improve themselves.
A male masturbator may be the only way a man can experience an orgasm due to physical disabilities, medication, or conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and more.

In general, the benefits of using male masturbators fall into the following categories:

  • Exercise your penis: Your sex life may not last long. This is sad. Because your lover is not satisfied. At this point, you need to build your sexual stamina. Then you need to exercise regularly. This masturbator is great for regular exercise.
  • Experience oral sucking: now the automatic masturbator has a sucking function. You will feel sucking when the penis is inserted. This is a realistic way of oral sex.
  • Real Sexual Feeling: All male masturbators are made of premium silicone. Especially it feels like a very soft vagina and mouth. When you slather on some water-based lube, you’ll feel especially realistic wet vaginal intercourse.
  • Reduced risk: Male masturbator can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. In 2008, an Australian study found that men who masturbate more than five times a week were 33 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer. During ejaculate release, carcinogens are expelled from the prostate, thereby reducing the accumulation of dead sperm. It will be great for reducing our stress and tension.
  • Automatic Male Masturbator: This is a male masturbation cup with automatic sucking. It has a kind of shell in it. There is air movement inside. You can feel the exciting sucking sensation as the penis enters.
  • Manual male masturbation device: As the name suggests, manual male masturbation device requires manual operation to complete sex. You only need to put your penis into the masturbation device and manually operate it to feel the real-life sexual stimulation.
  • Gay Male Masturbator: If you are bisexual or gay, then this Gay Male Masturbator is very suitable for you, he can perfectly feel the sexual stimulation of love and being loved, it is your perfect choice.
  • Vibrating male masturbator: In fact, your penis can enjoy masturbating with an erection. This kind of masturbation is mainly brought about by vibration. This masturbator has a vibrating function. It massages your penis. Better vibrating masturbators also feature heating.
  • Hands-Free Male Masturbator: Hands-free masturbation is a great example of a male sex toy. This means you can enjoy hands-free sex. You can enjoy the erotic pleasure of massaging your penis while watching a sex movie.
  • Life size male masturbators: Life size male masturbators are like sex dolls. She is like a real woman, bringing you a complete sexual experience, and the sexual stimulation you feel is something that the above male masturbators cannot give.

Before you buy male masturbators, you may be wondering how to use them. Below we will help you understand how to use the male masturbator. Read on to learn how to use your male vibrating masturbators for best results. There are a few things you should always keep in mind when using male masturbators.

Manual and Vibration

There are some key differences between manual and vibrating male masturbators. First of all, manual masturbators lack automatic mechanisms, and you need to act on your own to achieve sexual pleasure. On the other hand, automatic male masturbators have motors controlled by chips. Enjoy extreme sex with one-touch control.
The latest version of auto male masturbators is suitable for all penis sizes and can make your penis grow very large from a small age. The male vibrating masturbators will help people with erectile dysfunction experience sexual pleasure. The Male masturbator comes with a pressure controller or remote control to adjust the suction power. And he is convenient and easy to clean.


When starting to use a male masturbator, you should choose the right lubricant for yourself. Penis injury can result from not using lube, so it’s important to choose the lube that’s right for you. Applying the right amount of lube will help you have more fun. Here are some suggestions for how you can get lube.
You can buy lubricants from a variety of sources. Many sex toy stores carry lube, which you can buy directly from the store offline or from online sales. We will also distribute you lubricant to make your sex experience better. So lubricant is important when using male masturbators.

Using a male masturbator may seem simple. But to experience better sexual pleasure, something needs to be done.

Read the user manual carefully
Assemble equipment accessories. such as hands-free devices
Create a good foreplay atmosphere. such as watching pornographic movies or magazines
Prepare the right amount of body oil. Usually, a small bag is included in the package.
Dedicated to masturbation. Throw away any distractions. Feel it carefully.

This step is easy to follow. However, as with sex toys, you can first check the instructions in the packaging. Different manufacturers have different recommendations for different products. You just need to read and understand the manufacturer’s recommendations and choose to see which one is right for you.

Step 1: Prepare the space
You can put together all the materials you need to clean the male masturbator. In this way, you will easily and quickly clean your male masturbator.

Also, lay out a clean towel before you start. This will be where you will dry the male masturbator after cleaning.

Step 2: Rinse with warm water
Why not use hot water? If you use hot water to wash your male masturbator, there is a good chance that parts of the material that are not exposed to the heat will be damaged or deformed. Nobody wants this to happen. I recommend using water that is slightly above body temperature. This also removes debris that builds up on the male masturbator.

Step 3: Use Toy Cleaner
Now that you’ve rinsed off most of the impurities, you can deep clean with a toy cleaner. Inside, outside, front and back, make sure you can wash everywhere. Because your male masturbator may have many tiny holes, use a toy cleaner to clean the male masturbator more deeply.

After cleaning all surfaces, let the cleaner sit for at least a minute.

However, don’t leave it on for too long – this can cause damage.

Step 4: Dry
Technically, you can use a dryer or other device to dry male masturbators, but I don’t recommend it. You can tap, shake or rotate your male masturbator to expel as much excess water as possible. Then flip it over and shake it again.

It may take a long time to let the male masturbators air dry, but don’t worry, you will find the experience better the next time you use it.

Advice – please, please, please do not attempt to speed dry with a hair dryer or any other type of heating device! All we have to do is let it dry on its own. Applying excess heat can destroy your male masturbator.

Step 5: Apply Cornstarch
You don’t have to do this every time. It depends on your personal preference and your specific product.

If the male masturbators feel sticky or greasy after drying, try grabbing a handful of cornstarch or rubbing it with a towel.

Apply cornstarch directly to hands or male masturbator. I think it can be applied directly on male vibrating masturbators, rub cornstarch into all available tender parts of homemade male masturbators, remember not to rinse off!

Then let the male masturbators dolls absorb the cornstarch over time.

Next time you want to use your favorite male masturbators, you’re ready to go!

By the way, never forget to use water based lube on your best male masturbator so you will have a better sex experience. You can even use heated lube on your male masturbator if you can buy it. It will make the experience more authentic!

With it, all the steps you need to know about cleaning a male masturbator. When storing, make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight and in a cool, well-ventilated place. If it’s going to be in a drawer, make sure other materials won’t touch or damage anything made of silicone. Two silicone objects together may cause damage and other chemical reactions. Yes, it may sound dangerous, but all you need to do is wrap it in a clean towel.

When it comes to sex, do you know your libido level? You may be a sex beginner or a sex guru. But this is not the main factor that affects libido levels. You just need regular sex training or intense sex. If you have frequent sex, a simple masturbator will be perfect for you. If you like a wilder, more intense libido, then the rough ridges and bump sleeves are perfect for you. Now at you can buy all kinds of male masturbators, we pursue high quality and only make good products.

If you want to get your male masturbator fast, then choose Xspacecup. Because they have stock locally in the United States, the delivery is successful in 3 to 5 business days. And cheap, quality assurance.


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