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Sex machine is the greatest sex toy for men, women, couples, gays or lesbian. You can enjoy thrusting, stroking, riding, vibrating and anything else sex feeling. View our huge collection of sexual machines. Buy best one. 100% secret and 3-8 days fast delivery.


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Customer Questions & Answers About Sex Machines

Yes, we sell many additional attachments. But please contact us before purchasing additional attachments. Because not all attachments are compatible with the machine. For a better experience, contact us and we will help you make a choice.

We are professional sex toys online supplier. Therefore, we do everything to protect privacy. Sex machine will be packed in a box without any description and pictures of sex. For large sex machines, we will take multiple packages. It not only protects the machine, but also prevents the embarrassment caused by damage to the outer packaging. All in all, get ready to enjoy your sex machine and we’ll take care of everything else.All Products Automatic Telescopic Large Sex Machine for Women or Men 46All Products Automatic Telescopic Large Sex Machine for Women or Men 47

You may turn on this machine at the maximum speed. If the issue still remains, please send a short video that illustrates your issue to our customer service team for assistance.

Our Sex machines come with a six-month warranty, so we are willing to take responsibility for any accidental damage (unintentional quality issues).
Please contact our customer service and we will help you solve the problem.

Our sex machines all feature noise reduction technology. The noise level will not exceed 60DB. It’s barely audible when you tune to low speeds. Overall, the noise level is acceptable.

Yes, our sexual machines can be used for anal. If you want to experience exciting anal sex, then it is better to install anal dildo on the sex machine. Because the anus has no self-lubricating function, it needs to use a lot of lubricating oil. Anyway, if you want to try anal sex by our sex machine, please be safe.Or maybe have a risk going to the emergency room. In fact, any anal sex requires study and training.

Some sex machines may require tools to assemble some parts. But the main body of the machine does not need to be assembled. And it is very simple. Just follow our instructions to assemble the parts to get started. Most sex machines are preassembled. If If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team in time.

In fact, sex machines are compatible with many connectors. Therefore, it is not only suitable for female or male solo masturbation, but also suitable for couples sex games. Even for gays or lesbians it can make a big difference. Of course, if you buy a large sex machine, the playability will be higher.

If you are lazy and don’t want to clean the machine, then condoms are recommended. That helps with personal hygiene and health. If you want to experience anal sex, it’s best to use enough lube. Water-based lubricants are recommended.


Learn More about Sexual Machine

Sexual machines are by far the best source of sex. Because it’s full of wonders than any ordinary sex toy. One can always find unexpected fun from sex machines. You can think of it as a BDSM toy, but according to sex experts, it is the best riding sex toy. Because it plays a very important role in creating love poses.

In any case, if you don’t have a sex machine, or you are planning to start, then you should learn some professional sex machine common sense, which is very important for your purchase and use.

That’s simple, it’s a machine for enjoying sex. It is usually more complex and powerful than regular vibrators and sex toys. And it’s more functional, you can use a sex machine to enjoy penetration, thrusting, vibration, riding sex, and more. In most cases, the sex machine is powered by direct current. If you’re concerned about security, you don’t have to. Almost all sex machines will use a completely safe insulated control box.

Sex machines are mainly composed of mechanical parts interacting, and then output torque power, the main function is telescopic hitting. Of course, many machines now have the function of vibration.

Apart from that, sex machines are suitable for all kinds of people. Realistic dildo, suction cup dildo, anal dildo, pocket pussy and vibrator can be installed as long as the corresponding connector is selected. Of course, these attachments are specified. A casually purchased sex toy is not compatible.

For any beginner, sex machines are the highest level of play. But once you get your hands on it, other sex toys will be bleak. Because it has many advantages of sex toys and it extends the functionality of sex toys. Sex experts recommend it as a sex toy for any stage.

  • High playability. If you don’t have a penchant for collecting sex toys, then buy a sex machine to solve all your needs. Because sex machines have all the play and fun of a sex toy. For women, like the riding sex feeling brought by torso dildo. Then sex machines are definitely suitable for riding sex. And it can also stretch and vibrate.
  • More fun. So far, fucking machines have been designed with remote control, app, wifi and other functions. You can control its speed and frequency by remote control from tens of meters away, or in distant places.
  • Powerful. Many people complain that vibrators or male masturbation cups are too weak. That’s because these sex toys are powered by lithium batteries and therefore have insufficient power output. And sex machines are powered by direct current, so the power will be strong enough.
  • Practice sexual stamina. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, you should strengthen sexual endurance training. Always be ready for your sex life.
  • Deep penetration sex. Usually, sex machines are equipped with long retractable devices. It guarantees deeper insertion.
  • Easy to install. Almost all sex machines come pre-installed. Just install some parts or accessories and start enjoying.
  • Suitable for all people. Whether you are solo, or couple sex, or gays or lesbian, it is suitable. Because it is compatible with multiple connectors. Even a single person can enjoy both anal and vaginal penetration sex.
  • Experience multiple sex positions. The angle and height of the sex machine are adjustable. You can enjoy and explore more sex positions.

Maybe you’ve been following sex machines for a long time. In any case, DIY or making a sex machine is never a good idea. Because there is no professional insulation protection material, it is likely to cause injury. Then buying a sex machine is the main way. There are many sex machines on the market, so how to choose one? The following buying guide may be useful.

  • Material. When buying any sex toy, the first thing you should pay attention to is the material. Especially for sex machines, we should pay more attention to the durability of the material. After all you spend a lot of money. Choose materials that are easy to clean and won’t hold dirt, such as medical silicone or TPE. The ABS shell material will be more durable. If you have any questions about the material, please contact us.
  • Budget. Whether buying a sex torso, or buying a fuck machine, you should pay attention to your budget. Pick the best one for you without hurting your wallet. However, you get what you pay for.
  • Thrust. This is quite an important factor. Because we choose to buy a love machine, we want to try the hitting feeling brought by telescopic. Therefore, strong thrust and multiple modes must be something we should consider.
  • Motor. Do you want enough motivation? Then focus on the parameters of the motor. Motors are often overlooked, yet they are important. The advanced motor can guarantee safe use and strong power.
  • Return Policy. Because there are very few ways to buy a sex machine. Therefore, you should pay attention to the return and exchange policy before purchasing.

Everyone who buys sex machines has this question. It’s a complex sex toy after all, and there’s a lot to be aware of, both in function and in how to use it. So how to get the ultimate fun and pleasure?

  • Read the manual carefully. No matter what sex toy you buy, you should first look carefully at the instructions that came with it. If you still have questions, you can consult customer support. In fact, there are a lot of usage videos on YouTube.
  • Use lubricating oil. Sex machines are plug-in sex toys. To avoid discomfort and pain, adequate lubricant should be used. It’s easy, just smear on your intimate area and dildo.
  • Start with mild mode. Don’t try the roughest mode at the beginning, explore your own tolerance first. Then slowly try new patterns.
  • Don’t overuse. Three to five times a week, it’s important to moderate for the sake of personal health.
  • Cleaning is important. Any sex toy should be washed carefully before and after use. All sex toy experts emphasize this. And many sex toys these days are easy to clean. It’s worth noting that if it’s not waterproof, avoid immersion cleaning.
  • Buy certified sex machines. Mainly include CE/Rohs/FDA and so on. is a professional online supplier of sex toys, all of which have been certified. You can buy and use with confidence.
  • Don’t share your sex machine with strangers. Any sex toy is private.
  • Please get permission before using with couples.
  • Store in a place away from minors.

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