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Big booty masturbator is the best sex toy for Doggystyle & anal sex lovers. Are you looking for a big ass sex toy to satisfy your desire? Then must be your ideal choice. Shop Now!


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Learn About Big Booty Masturbator

In fact, most crave tight anal sex. But finding the right sex partner isn’t easy. Why not consider a realistic butt? This is a very realistic reproduction of a female or male butt. You can enjoy a lot of sexual pleasure. And its internal structure is very realistic. When the penis is inserted, it feels very comfortable.When buying any sex toy, you need to know that it is a sex investment. So before buying, you should understand what it is and how to buy the best butts, etc.


Customer Questions & Answers About Male Torso Sexdoll

Big booty masturbator, is a lifelike butt. This is a very realistic sex toy. Mainly to provide realistic sex pleasure for anal sex lovers. Best for solo masturbation and couple sex games. Realistic butts come in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

And the price range is huge. Some 1:1 real ass prices reach $400. However, there is a small fake ass for as little as $60. In addition to this, there are two separate channels on these realistic butts. That is a lifelike anus and vagina. So people call it 2 in 1 sex toys.

In fact, realistic booty comes in many styles. That’s why it’s so popular. We have listed many popular types.

  • 2 in 1 Real Small Ass: This is an integrated vagina and ass sex toy. This sex toy has an artificial vagina and anus. You can enjoy pussy and anal sex at the same time.
  • 1:1 Real Ass: Someone might be like fucking a woman’s big ass. This is your best option. This completely restores a woman’s butt. Regardless of size, weight, or realistic pussy and anus hole, it is 1:1.
    Pocket Anal Hole: This is a portable sex toy. It looks like a flashlight. There are lifelike anal holes in the flashlight.

It’s actually really easy. In the previous question, you already knew what the types are. Now, just figure out what kind of sex you like.

Of course, if you are a beginner, you should start with the smallest ass. Because then you can learn more. Experience 1:1 real big ass right from the start, just in case you don’t like the style. However, I’m sure everyone will love this big ass. The anal folds and the shape of the vagina are realistic. That makes your penis get an erection.

Beyond that, focus on quality. At, you can buy premium fake ass. All materials are skin-friendly. You can rest assured to have sex with the big butt.

If you’re on a budget, has a great variety of cheap, high-quality big booty sex toys for you. Still haven’t found a genre you like? It doesn’t matter, you can try the latest male masturbator or male torso sexdoll. That can satisfy your more sexual pleasure.

Buy now, free shipping and discreet package.

In fact, having sex with Big booty is easy. But if you want to experience better orgasms, you need to do some preparation.

First of all, please wash your fake ass sex toy carefully before use. Thereby avoiding any bacterial infection.

Second, prepare some body lubricants. That’s good for anal sex.

Finally, open some porn videos. That way you can experience more realistic sexual pleasure.

At, all products are made of high-grade materials. Therefore, it is very easy to clean. Just wash with warm water. Or you can buy a professional cleaning sex toys kit. After washing, air dry. Then store in a dry and private place.


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