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Aaliyah; I'm so happy with my purchase

What can be said about Aaliyah, Wow!  I spent a lot of time researching this purchase.  There are so many great torsos to choose from, but I’m very happy I purchased Aaliyah.  At first, I was worried about the 55lbs weight, but that weight was necessary for an amazing experience every time I needed a stress reliever.  The weight helps keep her in place and doubles as a springboard, when you’re pounding her, she bounces back instead of moving away from you “so amazing the feeling you get”.  In case anyone is curious about purchasing clothing for her or maybe your favorite, keep one thing in mind; how do you want the clothing to fit; tight or loose.  After requesting clothing sizes from customer service, I used that only as a point of reference.  I looked for clothes that would fit her amazing measurements and could be stretchy in all the right places, so I could see her amazing curves.

Sturdy!!! Realistic! 🥵

This thing weighs about 28 pounds, but it’s necessary. The whole body keeps it in place when you really need it. The texture is great. The shaft is fully adjustable to fit any angle you may need or want. It cleans with soap and water, it has a lot of storage space, and it’s worth buying if you want a toy to add to the fun

Great doll! Outstanding customer service!

Wow! I highly recommend this torso doll. She’s totally perfect for what i needed. I would give 5 stars, but my order was out of stock upon placing the order. However, they quickly notified me by email and whatsapp to fix the issue. They ended up placing a rapid special order directly from Climax dolls (hathaway is a Climax brand #874 TPE doll). Flesh color is difficult to find. Was delivered exactly 11 days after placing order and delivered by UPS.

About the doll: She feels great, has medium size booty and boobs. Lifelike tummy, hips, nipples, clit and pussy. She has a mount for a doll head to be added (another reason why i ordered her) and a lifelike weight (60 honest pounds). If you buy her for under $600 it’s a steal, but I recommend her at listing price. If you buy a premium silicone ROS head to go on her, she is everything a $1500+ doll is but without the legs/arms.


This toy had me in for a treat. Let me start off by saying how skeptical I was at first when ordering! I went ahead and took the chance and sextorso did not disappoint. Customers service was fast at replyin and confirming the order. I had a small issue with my Bitcoin payment and they made sure to stay in contact and guide me every step of the way.

When the box arrived it was well packaged and discrete. When opening the box u felt like a kid at the candy store. I was shocked to see a perfect male torso with a 7” erect cock waiting for me!! His skin was soft to the touch and felt realistic. The pecs and abs are mouth watering detailed. The shaft can be angled any way for maximum pleasure. This toy really is the perfect torso for a fliptastic time. The hole is so tight and feels like a virgin ass. I used a small amount of warming oil for that warm hole feeling. The torso is weighted which makes the perfect riding companion.

Biggest/best/ Soft breast torso doll in its price range

I’ve had it for a few months now and it was so worth it! I’ve had fleshlight type toys, and cheap butt toys where the bottom is flat. This is pretty much the cost of two of those, and so much better in every way. The largest doll in its category that I’ve found in this price range (I’ve looked at a bunch of other sites). The inside feels pretty close to real, especially when you’re really hard. For me personally the pussy is amazing! Be aware the tits are pretty firm, but after looking and looking, this is to be expected — gel-filled breasts are high-end and you’ll pay premium for it. Still fun to squeeze and they are definitely fuckable! If you put a shirt on it and squeeze the tits you can still feel the nipples, and it feels like you’re squeezing a nice young perky pair 🙂 I saw someone said they couldn’t get the legs to move forward, only outward- you have to move them forward first while they are closed. Lots of fun, tons of positions with the posable legs, and it feels great!

Great Product

My wife and I purchased this torso for roll playing. It is wonderful, the cock is large and realistic. It is heavy enough to be able to ride easily and balance enough that stays up and allows it to fuck her.
Her honest opinion was that if you’re single it’s a must have, it’s that much like fucking a real man.

Perfect 👍

I actually I love this Sarina love doll it’s amazing I love how soft it is even the shaft dildo is crazy soft and life like that it twist and bends like a real thing I love the breasts and the balls are so so real I had fun with it the only downside is that it does has a bit of weight to it and the body is a bit smaller then a human body but I still work it out and I still love it I definitely would recommend this serina love doll to everyone who is looking for something like this 👍👌

Good, it's not bad.

There is no spine or support in the back, like the images on the website. It’s fine without it, it flopps around more but I don’t mind.

Good weight, not too heavy.
Feels good.
The outside texture is soft
Inside feels smooth and tight.

VERY difficult to clean. Very very difficult. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to clean/dry it properly.
With the difficulty of cleaning and drying, time will tell if this will last without getting gross.

Hello, dear friend. Please check this cleaning guide:

So worth it!

Wonderful! So affordable! Its heavier than I expected but the weight is a good thing. The weight is really nice.

Must buy!

Everything about this doll is perfect and just touching her gets me excited. She has amazing skin texture, slim tummy, big tits, bubble butt. It’s all amazing. The weight isn’t that serious, is it? I’ve had a full doll before and this is the best middle ground, not too little, not too much

The best birthday gift.

I bought this as a birthday present for my boyfriend. He had never owned a toy like this, and the moment it was given to him, he was skeptical at first, but amazed by its effectiveness and overall quality, and finally shocked by its authenticity after using it. Cleaning wasn’t as difficult as I thought, but we were concerned about drying it thoroughly. Both the interior and exterior and the attention to detail are impressive. So glad I purchased this instead of one of the other products I was considering.

Having fun with my boyfriend

Bought the Peggy for solo play but ended up taking it to my boyfriend and we took turns pumping it on each other’s dicks, it felt so good and got us through it and then ended up doing it better than usual Finished faster and it was the best sex we have ever had!

Amazing tits!

Very exciting cat. As I went from halfway to fully inserted, I felt, for lack of a better word, awesome. I couldn’t help but fuck her, her tits were so soft and so visually stunning. I would love to use it as soon as possible next time. Tiantali’s products are absolutely reassuring!

Real feeling.

Britney feels great and is a great choice when not having sex. I was skeptical at first and never planned to buy. I recently left my long-term girlfriend for work and we only see each other sporadically, so I had to find something to satisfy my needs in the meantime. I was still skeptical about this product when I came across it and wasn’t too happy with it after the first few uses. However, after a few tries, I started enjoying it regularly.

Great toy!

I like women with big butts, but I can’t get them. Not only was this toy cheap, but it fulfilled a long-held wish of mine.
This is awesome.
Next time I will save up and buy a full size doll with a bigger butt.


I have never seen such a perfect vibrating toy! It totally surprised me! The suction and vibration are great and get the job done well. I spent an unforgettable night with her. And it’s very easy to clean. Exactly as described!

Definitely worth it!

As someone who doesn’t like accepting Britney nor being on top, this toy blew my mind! Britney is like a superstar. It feels amazing on the skin, very high quality product. The inlet is great for trying out different speeds without having to worry about too much friction. The inside of the skin is absolutely wonderful and you can feel every tightening, rib and nub inside, really pressing against your penis for maximum stimulation.

Handsome dude David

David has a nice color, I have the tan version. He’s a heavy boy but managable. He’s dick keeps twisting over the internal road inside. The internal texture is nice like my Dita. Made practicing riding easier. Only negative is I wish he was made of silicone so he’d be safer to use, I needed to buy special codoms to keep me and the doll safe, which are a bit expensive.

Gag gift

I brought this for a gag gift my sister she came to me the next day was happy with I brought one for my girlfriend who used it a lot I wanted a 3 way she said ok after we was done she asked if i thought about being fucked I said no she got excited I felt it’s long dick on my back I stood up she said I’ll suck your friends with out hesitation and let them fuck me I bent over bigger dick then me but it was worth watching 6 guys fuck her

Perfect companion

It’s like having a third person without a third person. Works well in most all positions so far. We named it too. Makes it fun no one knows who we’re talking about.

An absolute dream.

I love this product. It comes with realistic boobs. If you want a sex doll for basic pleasure, get this one. This is a good place to start, as full-body sex dolls can be difficult to move. But yeah, this looks like a very fit college girl body, the thighs are a dream. I would be happy if they could make a bigger version.

Convenient and compact

It feels great and is easy to hide for even more concealment. I bought a larger model earlier and it was also great. However, it’s so big it’s hard to hide. I like both, I think I prefer the larger one because it’s more realistic, but I also like this one because it’s easier to handle. I honestly can’t decide. I guess I just like them for different reasons. Get both!

Great product, must have!

This isn’t the first sex doll torso my wife and I have had. However, this is the most realistic one we have yet! It’s very realistic and well worth the money spent. My wife absolutely loves her. Every time I take her out of the box, my wife can’t keep her hands off her tits and pussy! In fact, it’s a big turn-on. She is definitely worth every penny.

Fast shipping

Very satisfied with the purchase and shipping was fast.

Great gift!

Bought this for my boyfriend, great! On days when I’m not in the mood for sex, it will satisfy my boyfriend on my behalf! It feels very real and very useful! Shipping is fast and individually packaged. Would recommend to everyone!

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